Onko sinusta johtajaksi?


Paul Taffinder loi jo 1995 kysymyslistan, jolla jokainen voi arvioida omaa soveltuvuuttaan johtajaksi. Kysymykset sopivat myös oman työn kehittämisen työkaluksi.

Imposing context

  • Can you stand outside your own organization and see it as it really is?
  • Do you understand the context of your business and organization?
  • Have you articulated the core of what matters to your business, what you stand for?

Risk making, risk taking

  • Are you serving the future of your organization or merely guarding it past?
  • Are you willing to make mistakes and take the consequences?
  • Do you actively take risks by seeking opportunities?


  • Are you prepared to experiment?
  • Do you create adventure in your organization?


  • Do you believe in yourself?
  • Are your opinions your own or someone else’s?
  • Do you thoroughly believe in what you are doing in your organization?

Generating critical mass

  • Can you make what you believe in happen?
  • Can/have you convince(d) people of the urgency of the need to change, to grab opportunities?


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